UV-C LED products for commercial use


LED-WI Inc is the official West Indies partner of EcoLight LED, a leading innovative manufacturer of advanced UV-C LED products for commercial use.  The current climate has led to an increased need for the safe sterilisation of premises and equipment in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, office, institutional, education and general care sectors that was previously only required by medical institutions.

When a situation arises where a new product comes to the market, many people start to try to produce products to capture a market. However, there a multitude of cheap lights exist that simply can not and do not do what they say.  There also seems to be little concern about safety and proper use.

LED-WI and EcoLight LED work to ensure maximum safety and efficiency whilst ensuring the safety of our customers. We have a number of downloadable information sheets on this website, with more to come.

UV-C disinfection


In the process of surface decontamination

UV-C light is part of ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 200 to 280 nm (specified in PN-90 / E-01005). It is a common method of conducting specialized disinfection mainly in medical facilities and food processing plants. Used to disinfect surfaces, air and water. The disinfecting effect consists in the penetration of high-energy particles of UV-C rays through the cell membrane of the pathogen. Then, as a result of the absorption of particles by DNA / RNA cell proteins, their structure is permanently damaged. This process is irreversible, which means that from that moment the pathogen cannot survive or reproduce.

The process described above is responsible for the elimination and neutralization of 99.99% of microorganisms, including pathogenic pathogens, with appropriate exposure to UV-C radiation.

The amount of UV-C radiation on a given surface ensuring effective disinfection is strictly defined. The effective radiation dose expressed in millijoules (mJ) per square centimeter (cm2) of the surface is 50 mJ / cm2.

All our UV-C equipment is fitted with human movement detectors and safety sensors.

Should you want to consider the installation of an effective UV-C disinfection system in your working environment we will carry out a survey to calculate the correct level, wattages and time needed to successfully disinfect your workplace.


A decontamination survey is carried out based on the individual areas and the proposed devices equipped with lamps emitting bactericidal UV-C Light with a wavelength of 253.7 nm.


A detailed diagnosis of the client’s needs and familiarization with the layout of the rooms planned for safe disinfection. We will collect and Import the data and the dimensions and arrangement of rooms.

Disinfection Plan

We will develop a disinfection plan for the rooms and the time the service will be needed to be performed. We will be establishing security rules for when the service is performed.


Carrying out decontamination with UV-C light according to the planned process. Generating a report confirming disinfection.


The services performed are confirmed by a report with details of all rooms. UV-C dosimeters which confirm the results in real time of the delivered dose of UV radiation for the registration and validation report

UV-C LIGHT – Important Safety Considerations

UV-C Light damages DNA and RNA

Arc-Eye is where the surface of the eye is damaged. Itis extremely uncomfortable for about 4 days, some say it is like someone has thrown a handful of sand in your eyes. If your skin is exposed, you can and probably will get extreme sunburn, without going brown, uncomfortable and unpleasant. Seek medical attention.

UV-C light can pass through plastic but not glass.

It is essential that full safety precautions, as advised in our product training programme, are implemented at all times while using this equipment.

UV-C Information Sheets

Complete UV-C Disinfection Series Presentation

UV-C Light Disinfection Technology Product Specification

UV-C Light Disinfection Technology for Office & Warehouses

Octa UV-C for Bus Disinfection

Octa UV-C Disinfection for Healthcare

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Octa UV-C Disinfection for Offices

Octa UV-C Disinfection for Schools/Education

Octa UV-C Disinfection for Trucks

UV-C Hyper Tube Retail

UV-C Estimated Treatment Times

UVS 4 -Desktop UV disinfection lamp

UVT 72 – UV Disinfection lamp for commercial environments

UVAIR 216 – UV Air Purification unit for medium spaces

UVAIR 300-F – UV Air Purification for permanent installation in large spaces

UVL 72 – UV Disinfection lamp for commercial environments

UVL 150 – Larger version of above

UVL 220 – Even bigger version of above

UVP 36 – Household UV disinfection lamp

UV-C Technical Documents

CE Standard UV-C Lighting

TUV Philips Lighting Tubes

CMFT Screening Dosimeter

Photobiology Safety Report

Effectiveness of Contamination

A list of bacteria, viruses and fungi that UV-C light kills

Statement on the effectiveness of UV-C light in the fight against coronavirus

Studies on the dose of UV-C radiation required to deactivate bacteria, protozoa and

Press Releases

Signify and Boston University validate effectiveness of Signify’s UV-C light sources on inactivating the virus that causes COVID-19