LED Lighting Case Study: Mantel Farm, East Sussex

Client Information

Name: Mantel Farm

Location: Catsfield, Near Battle, East Sussex

Savings: Around 64% with a reduction in maintenance cost of roughly 70%

Project Overview

Mantel Farm wanted to keep to their sustainable values and were keen to upgrade their lighting to run efficiently. Having already installed solar PV, the next step was to remove the old inefficient tube lighting from the barns and shop. We have now replaced these with brighter more energy-efficient LED tubes. We have also used a combination of standard LED bulkhead lights and sensor lighting in the corridors and storeroom.

The added lighting controls will enhance savings still further. As part of the new upgrade, which is designed to increase the number of bee training courses at Mantel Farm, we upgraded the emergency lighting to LED, along with some new fittings. This will bring the farm into line with the latest regulations.

A word from Mantel Farm

“Being a small-scale family business, promoting a self-sufficient, sustainable way of life, it’s really important to us to have our own farm working as efficiently as possible. For some time, we have been aware that we are running lighting and heating systems that consume lots of energy in a large uninsulated barn. This does not make the best use of the solar system we installed. But, with old farm infrastructure to complicate things and the usual busy business and family life, the works kept being put to the bottom of the pile.

“Steve from LED-UK changed everything, helping us from the initial project design stage. He included a free site survey to identify the lighting requirements for various situations: our chicken pens, our retail space, our external farm lighting, and our customer training room (with its reduced lighting levels for presentations).

“We now have an electric vehicle charging point, energy efficient heating, hot water and floor insulation. This is all lit by fantastic new LED lights and procured with the help of LoCaSE grant funding. Steve helped us source the suppliers for the other works in the project to link in with his own LED lighting works. He guided us through the grant funding and managed the project through to completion. We would highly recommend LED-UK to design, supply and install a bespoke LED lighting system for your business. ”


Overall, Mantel Farm will see savings in the region of 64%, with a reduction in maintenance costs of around 70%. The lights come with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty and an expected working life of 40,000 hours.

Before                                                                   After