LED Lighting Case Study: Horam Village Hall

Client information

Name: Horam Village Hall

Location: Horam, Heathfield, East Sussex

Savings: Lighting and maintenance costs were reduced by 68%  

Project Overview

Horam Village Hall wanted to evolve into a place fit for functions, like Weddings, Birthday Parties, and Family Gatherings. The space itself was perfect for parties, but the poor lighting was stopping people from booking their events. It was also becoming increasingly expensive to run and maintain their old 6ft tubes.

We designed, supplied and installed a brand new LED lighting system, replacing their old tube lighting with CCT Change Recessed Downlights, tailored to Horam Village Hall. These lights were fitted with colour and temperature control on each row of lights and give the space a cleaner and modern look.


Their new lighting, at only 35w and with a LED bulb lifespan of 50,000 hours, reduced their lighting costs and maintenance by 68%.


Before                                                                   After