Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce

Client Information:

Name: Christina Ewbank, Director

Location:  Eastbourne

Savings: 70.71%

Project Overview

Our local Chamber, Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce is a great place to meet other local businesses and get up to date information that we all need from time to time.

We spoke to the chamber who wanted to improve their lighting, so we carried out a free lighting survey and replaced their existing lighting with new LED Lights

If you would like to find out more about the Chamber call them on 01323 641144

Client Brief

They recognised that they needed to upgrade their lighting in the offices and corridors, due the high ceilings and the poor light that the existing fittings gave, also some of fitting were failing and in need of replacing. Christina was also keen to add presence detectors and sensors, to further enhance and reduce their ongoing maintenance and electricity costs.

The Solution By LED-UK

Remove and replace the existing T8 70W 6ft twin fluorescent fitting with a 5ft 50W LED Tube style batten in 5000K, these have 4200Lm and will give an enhanced lighting across the whole office. In the rear smaller offices, the existing 58W 5ft T8 tubes have been replaced with 25W Led Tube style batten in 5000K, cool white. These are much brighter and because of the high CRI, making reading documents easier to see. The 2D 28W bulkhead corridor lights where replaced with a18W sensor bulkhead, which when not in use will stay at 10%, not leaving the corridor in total darkness. With a brighter and enhanced look to the offices, they are now happy with the results.


The chamber would get a complete return on its investment in under three years, making this a really good investment. Over a ten period they will have saved over £3,500 where the cost of doing nothing would be over £4,800. A difference of £9,300, a worthwhile investment

Other Benefits

There were the obvious benefits of lower maintenance costs, a full backup service offered by the company, as well as better working conditions for the staff.

What they said about LED-UK Lighting Ltd

Christina Ewbank, Director

Great service. The work was done quickly and nothing was too much trouble. They cleaned up every evening and the office was spotless when they finished. Thank you Steve!

Before and After

Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce - Before

Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce – Before

Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce - After

Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce – After

Some of the light fittings used