Diamond Golf International Ltd

Client Information:

Name: Alan Peskett, Director

Location: Ford, Arundel, West Sussex

Savings:  64.78%

Project Overview

Diamond Golf International Ltd (01903 726 999) are Europe’s only dedicated golf component supplier since 1978, their warehouse holds an amazing range of products. They were looking for the right solution to improve their current lighting and contacted LED-UK Lighting Ltd through our web site and requested a FREE survey.

You can see their product range at http://www.diamondgolf.co.uk/

Client Brief

The warehouse had got very dark and dingy as the lighting lost its luminosity, making it very difficult for the staff to read the numbers on the boxes stored in the rear warehouse. Also, due to demand and an increase in the range they currently hold, new racking was required, this made it an ideal time to upgrade all the lighting.

The Solution By LED-UK

After receiving the new racking layout for the front warehouse, we were able to design a completely new lighting layout using LED Non-corrosive 65w 1500mm (5ft) battens. These IP65 Polycarbonate Weatherproof fittings are robust and require little maintenance ideal for areas such as warehouses, corridors and workshops. For the rear and upper warehouse in the roof space, a mixture of standard LED Non-corrosive 36w 1500mm (5ft) battens and sensors ones were fitted, as the upper level lights controlled by the main lighting switch, did not need to be left on all day, further reducing their overall electricity consumption.


LED-UK Lighting completed FREE survey of the property and produced a full report that showed that savings of 64.78% could be achieved by updating their lighting, In real terms this meant that they would be saving over £900.00 every year from their lighting bill. What’s more the return on Capital showed the return would be under 4 years.

Other Benefits

There were the obvious benefits of lower maintenance costs, a full backup service offered by the company, as well as better working conditions for the staff. No more climbing to unsafe heights to change a tube or starter motor.

What they Say about us

“WOW! So pleased with our lighting upgrade. Or warehouse had become so dark and dingy and it was a constant struggle trying to change fluorescent tubes at an unsafe height. We went for a complete new LED lighting system throughout the warehouse, it has transformed the place. The install was painless and there was minimal disruption, we were able to carry on with our daily tasks while the install was taking place. I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve and his team from LED-UK if you are looking to have any lighting work carried out”.

Alan Peskett, Diamond Golf International Ltd, Ford, West Sussex.

Diamond Golf Before

Diamond Golf Before

Diamond Golf After

Diamond Golf After